Sunday, November 25, 2012

One missing name: Esquivel

After all these years, there's one 'Exotica name' still missing from our catalog: Juan Esquivel: Groove lounge, Latin & Jazz.

Not for much longer tho: Producer Gert Jan Blom (The Beau Hunks, Raymond Scott) is currently in the mixing phase of one of the most spectacular releases in our history.

We're usually very modest when it comes to describing our own releases. However, this release will be the godmother of any Esquivel release that has seen daylight the past years. And we know what we're talking about...we know what is out there - no disrespect intended.

For our release, we're talking the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orkest, teamed and expanded with world-class soloists and vocals. Painstakingly precise transcribed arrangements. Dutch top sound engineers and studios. Multi Grammy Award-winner Vince Mendoza conducting. No concessions done.

Just like 17 years ago when The Beau Hunks Orchestra set the new standard for the LeRoy Shield and T. Marvin Hatley (Laurel & Hardy / Little Rascals Music) compositions, this album will be also be a landmark album. We expect to be able to share the first promo track with you January '13.

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