Sunday, September 30, 2012

New artist signing: Schnauzer Radio Orchestra

Basta has signed Dutch based studio artist Schnauzer Radio Orchestra: debut album set for release early 2013. There's a catch and story to this artist getting signed, more on this in a few weeks.
About the music: Call it exotica, call it game music, call it 'the ultimate music for a quarter of all tv ads' - this is incredibly catchy music performed on almost any form of vintage keyboard you might know, and may not know yet. Stay tuned, we'll also disclose more information about the music soon.

In the meantime, check Schnauzer's blog if you want to read more! Also, this short introduction movie is worth watching for sure, and gives you a rough impression of what direction to think in:

Last, an older tune by Schnauzer Radio Orchestra quite often used at the moment, by various sources: