Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Edison Award for Martin Fondse

Tonight, Martin Fondse receives an Edison Award. The Edison is the 'highest' reward a musician can receive in Holland. Fondse, who worked with Basement Jaxx and Pat Metheny, a.o., receives the award for his album 'Testimoni', for which he teamed up with the Matangi Quartet and Eric Vloeimans.  
During a show at the Muziekgebouw Frits Philips in Eindhoven, Fondse will perform with the Metropole Orkest and Eric Vloeimans. Many more artists will be performing.

More info on tonight here.

More info on Martin Fondse here.

The music:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

One missing name: Esquivel

After all these years, there's one 'Exotica name' still missing from our catalog: Juan Esquivel: Groove lounge, Latin & Jazz.

Not for much longer tho: Producer Gert Jan Blom (The Beau Hunks, Raymond Scott) is currently in the mixing phase of one of the most spectacular releases in our history.

We're usually very modest when it comes to describing our own releases. However, this release will be the godmother of any Esquivel release that has seen daylight the past years. And we know what we're talking about...we know what is out there - no disrespect intended.

For our release, we're talking the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orkest, teamed and expanded with world-class soloists and vocals. Painstakingly precise transcribed arrangements. Dutch top sound engineers and studios. Multi Grammy Award-winner Vince Mendoza conducting. No concessions done.

Just like 17 years ago when The Beau Hunks Orchestra set the new standard for the LeRoy Shield and T. Marvin Hatley (Laurel & Hardy / Little Rascals Music) compositions, this album will be also be a landmark album. We expect to be able to share the first promo track with you January '13.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New release: Raymond Scott's Suite for Violin and Piano

Suite for Violin and Piano (1950 / 2004)

Raymond Scott created a diverse body of work that included jazz novelties (often considered "cartoon music"), orchestral ballads, a Broadway musical, film scores, commercial jingles, electronic miniatures, and avant-garde musique concrète. However, the Suite for Violin and Piano, composed in 1950 and never commercially released, was unique in his catalog.
The same daredevil who gave the world “The Toy Trumpet” and “Powerhouse” composed this exquisitely crafted classical jewel. True, Scott was a 1931 Juilliard grad, but the closest his prior compositions had inched towards the classics were jazzed-up reinventions of Mozart, Verdi, and Schubert. The five-movement work was publicly performed just once, at Carnegie Hall in 1950, by renowned violinist Arnold Eidus and pianist Carlo Bussotti. The work was then recorded by Eidus and Bussotti, under the supervision of the composer. However, Scott did not release it commercially for reasons historically unknown.

In 2004, after Scott's widow, Mitzi, discovered the score at home, a new recording was produced by Beau Hunks Orchestra leader Gert-Jan Blom in the Netherlands, featuring violinist Davide Rossi and pianist Ramon Dor.

The two versions are now coupled on this 2012 Basta release. The package is adorned with vintage 1940s and '50s music illustrations by noted artist Jim Flora, and features liner notes co-written by Gert-Jan Blom and Scott authority Irwin Chusid.

The cd can be ordered directly from us here.

On a special note, we are offering free copies of the sheet music here.

Release date: November 25, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eva Auad joined Ken Stringfellow on tour

Early November, Eva Auad joined Ken Stringfellow on his first 6 shows for his Benelux playlist. Six small and intimate shows.
Well ok, first one in Paradiso, Amsterdam was with full band but still on the smaller stage of the venue. Stringfellow co-produced Eva's album and asked her to join him on his solo shows while promoting his own album. Eva appears on 2 songs on Stringfellow's album.

In advance of the show in Rotterdam, Ken & Eva did a 1-hour promo for a radio show called "Live uit Lloyd". The duet they performed together can be listened to here:

You can download the song following this link (click on the small down-pointing arrow). The full show, interviews and the other songs, can be found on this page.

November 29, Ken & Eva will do a show for Ziggo Live (TV), followed by 2 support act shows for De Dijk in Groningen (Nov 30, Dec 1).

Further reading and listening: Eva's website is here, Ken's website is here

The album also features Sonja van Hamel, another Basta artist, on some tracks, who on her turn was also responsible for the art direction of the lovely package of this album. Here's the cover:

Friday, November 16, 2012

New album by Theo Nijland

New album by Theo Nijland released: 't Begin van het Einde
This is Theo Nijland's 5th solo album, "'t Begin van het Einde": 12 new songs, composed and written by Nijland - and performed by Nijland and his 'super band'. Although Nijland promised us to step away from love songs, these are in fact songs. But that is in fact how we love to hear Nijland anyways.

Produced by Jakob & Jesse Klaasse.

Listen here to one of the songs on the album:

Complete tracklisting:
1. Alleen Nog Maar Van Jou
2. Loop De Regen In
3. M'n Hoekje
4. Al Zolang Ik Je Ken
5. Als De Wereld Vergaat
6. Omdat Het Niet Mag
7. Toen Het Nog Lente Was
8. Volslagen Vreemden
9. Met De Dag Mooier
10. Ik Geef Me Zomaar Aan Je Over
11. Ik Ben Bij Je
12. Als Je Terugkomt

You can order the album from most stores in the Benelux; alternatively, you can order directly from us here