Monday, February 25, 2013

Album release: Music for a 1950s Video Game

Today, the debut album by Schnauzer Radio Orchestra has been released worldwide. 
Schnauzer Radio Orchestra is a young Dutch ensemble influenced by 1950s music, instruments and arrangements, filtered thru video games, digital recording techniques and abundant humor. SRO's music is wide-eyed and energetic, dominated by quirky sounds from vintage Philicordas, Omnichords, Wurlitzers and Moog Synthesizers. The results are festive soundscapes providing a Fellini-esque soundtrack for modern activities. The Schnauzers evoke Klaus Wunderlich updated with modern techniques. This is music you would have heard in a video game if they had existed in the 1950s.  

On a less formal note: Very catchy and well produced music that will make you smile. 

Here are 2 songs from the album to enjoy:

The artist also made a short video, showing what to do after receiving the album:

We had the honor to use artwork by Jim Flora:

Album cover for "Music for a 1950s Video Game